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Just How To Wire A 50 Amp RV Plug: Listed Below Are 5 Fast And Simple Procedures

وبلاگ و اخبار

Just How To Wire A 50 Amp RV Plug: Listed Below Are 5 Fast And Simple Procedures

In this essay, we are directing you how you can easily wire your 50 RV that is amp in just a couple of basic steps. We shall respond to some questions like, exactly what are the materials required? how could you install the 50 Amp plug in a RV during an activity that is outdoor? It is an extremely thing that is important understand since traveling and camping exterior is a trend today.

People frequently utilize their days removed from work to visit in places where they generally make contact with nature in order to find peace and leisure throughout those times. There is no significance of you to definitely be an electrician that is certified have the ability to do create your RV plugs work.

The main thing the following is you will be quite definitely happy to learn and which you have actually the persistence to try and do so again and again until such time you are capable of doing the job must be done. While you complete this work that is electrical your RV is going to be prepared for outdoor camping very quickly.

The faculties of the good adult student

​Every person has their particular individual method of learning. But you will find basic faculties that individual should have to be a learner that is effective. Several of those are:

a.) Curiosity

You need to be desperate to find out things that are new specially those which are means away from area of expertise. Curiosity is a big element in learning as it dictates someone’s interest regarding a particular work or item.

b.) Patience

Electric chores are a touch too technical, particularly to those social individuals with zero expertise in this industry. As a newbie, you ought to enough be patient to help you manage to handle the technicalities in this region.

c.) Inquisitiveness

Good learners never come to an end of concerns. For curious individuals, often there is great deal to master. Asking concerns will start the doorways for erudition and expertise.

The materials necessary for the work

To get the electric work done, you will need to have appropriate and proper materials on-hand. We have supplied pictures below therefore with these required materials that you will be able to familiarize yourself.

a.) 1 Double Pole 50-amp 120/240-volt Breaker

A 50 service that is amp typical at 120 Volts. To get this solutions operating, you have to have a # 4 AWG copper wire so that you can remain inside a voltage that is serviceable, that will be 3%. The most important requirement so that you can feed the circuit is xmeets just a 50 breaker that is amp.

b.) 1 14-50 Receptacle

c.) 2 (HOT), 1 White (Neutral) and 1 Ground properly size cable

Step-by-step directions


You ought to turn off the primary breaker in the panel in order to control the cables in as well as in purchase to cut back the possibility of being electrocuted. To shut from the breaker, pull the control lever in to the “off” position. Retest some devices to makes certain that the energy is down before working regarding the cables in.


First, you’ll want to pull the cable to be able to connect most of the cables into the receptacle that is outside towards the panel. From then on, make an effort to locate or install an unused double-pole 50 amp breaker into the primary or sub solution package. You need to very very carefully be aware regarding the colors regarding the cables since they will make suggestions as to which location the cables are put.


First, locate the Red cable and attempt to link it to 1 terminal that could just be found regarding the socket region of the breaker. After linking the Red cable, it’s simple to continue aided by the Ebony cable. Perform some process that is same the previous. Link the Ebony cable to another terminal which will be additionally positioned during the socket region of the breaker. Then, check out linking the White wire to the basic bus-bar solution. Finally, it’s simple to link the Green or even the bare cable to the grounding block.


Install the receiver that is half-round that will be available on top. This may be colored as Green. From then on, now you can wire the receiver simply opposite of this place associated with the half-round receiver. This terminal screw will be colored White. Finally, link the Red cable to your Y setup also to one of many screws associated with breaker. In reverse for this, link the Black cable to your X setup also to one other screw in the breaker. Keep in mind that the X and Y configurations are interchangeable.


Switch the primary breaker straight back on by flipping the lever into “on.” From then on, you’ll be able to turn on the double-pole breaker which you installed, which acts this new 50 outlet that is amp. Make use of a voltage meter so that you can test the socket before beginning away in the RV.

Properly position the probes in the receivers, one out of the hot receiver as well as the other one in the receiver that is neutral. The expected reading should be at 120 volts. Interchange the probes aided by the receiver positioning together with process that is same above.

The reading that you’ll get should nevertheless be at 120 volts. Finally, take to putting the probes on both hot receivers. You need to expect the reading become at 240 volts. If you’re in a position to attain all of these things, more than anything else the readings regarding the voltage meter, it is possible to already check it out in your RV.

Take to with a couple devices. Then you are ready to go out on a camping trip with your RV if all the switches work smoothly.

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